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Lavender & Orange Natural & Friendly Soap Bar 140g

Lavender and oranges carry you into a wonderful summer. The gentle-warm scent of essential lavender oil and essential orange oil relaxes your skin and senses.

HOPERY vegetable oil soap cleanses you naturally, effective and gentle. It clears your skin without drying it out. Organic Coconut, Organic Argan and Virgin Olive Oil nourish your skin during cleansing.
Use HOPERY soap as a gently foaming hand soap or in the HOPERY cotton soap bag for a particularly mild body cleansing in the shower.
With precious Olive, ORGANIC Coconut & ORGANIC Argan oil.


The palm industry is one of the most detrimental to our environment. It is a leading cause of rainforest degradation, global warming and the displacement of indigenous people and endangered species.

From their beginning, HOPERY have avoided this ingredient in all of their products, a step most in our industry have not taken.

Isn´t it a good feeling to know that you are helping our planet by deliberately avoiding products containing palm oil?

HOPERY donate 10 % of their profit to Orangutan Outreach.

+ with every HOPERY product you buy, you automatically donate 20 cents (€) and help directly to save orangutans.

 Learn more about Orangutan Outreach at

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