Percy Penguin Tiny ... Downyright delightful!
Herman Hermit ... Scuttle to the left! Now scuttle to the right! That's how you do the Herman!
Sheldon Shrimp ... A shrimpressive little guy!
Percy Penguin Little ... Downyright delightful!
Odell Octopus Little ... Tickles and tentacles!
Grumpy Fish Blue ... A bubble of squashy sea-softness!
Ripple Leopard Ray ... A ray of sunshine!
Kutie Pops Jellyfish Cushion ... A jelly good fellow to curl up beside.
WIley Whale ... Gliding into the spotlight.
Storm Octopus Medium ... Catch an ocean wave, or eight!
Storm Octopus Little ... Catch an ocean wave, or eight!
Pebbles Whale Shark ... Humongous hugs and sharky schnuggles.