DIDDY DUCKLING CREAM ... A fuzzy, flappy friend to all.
DIDDY DUCKLING YELLOW ... Quacking all the way!
MELLOW MALLOW PIG, LARGE ... Trotters, truffles and snuggles!
CHARMING HIGHLAND COW ... A wee cow with big fur!
LITTLE LAMB ... Has anybody seen my friend Mary?
ROLBIE CREAM SHEEP ... Dreamy days and buttercup lunches!
WHITNEY CHICKEN ... She's a little bit egg-stra.
CALLIE COW, MEDIUM ... Loves golden buttercups and sunny afternoons!
CAREY CALF, SMALL ... Feeling mellow in the meadow.
ROLBIE PONY SMALL ... Stop and munch the flowers!
ROLBIE BLACK SHEEP ... Three bags full of cuteness.
ROLBIE BLACK SHEEP, SMALL ... Three bags full of cuteness.