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Cotton Sarong/Scarf 180x110cm Heron Orange

This gorgeous 100% cotton stole can be worn as a scarf or sarong but can also be worn in the hair. One scarf, many options … how versatile is that! Designed by Les Touristes in Paris, all the artwork is hand drawn and then screen printed in Jaipur.

100% cotton

180 x 110cm

Since 2006 Les Touristes have created a unique textile line with a penchant for colour, cheerful prints, and vintage and offbeat patterns - collections based around a global concept that blends fashion with decoration to brighten everyday life both at home and on the road.

Les Touristes regularly hang their hats in India where their fabrics are hand-printed, working in close collaboration with a family workshop based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, who use traditional screen printing methods.

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