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Emma Sheepskin Cube, Stone 50x40cm

The fluffy and soft cube from the Swedish brand Shepherd is covered in gorgeous sheepskin. The short, curly-haired wool is not only soft and warm, it also features properties that make it resistant to both dirt and bacteria. The cube is perfect for putting your feet or as a dressing table stool. It’s gorgeous however you use it. 

For a lifelong relationship

Taking proper care of your sheepskin and wool products will ensure that they are a part of your life and home for a long time. Remember that sheepskin is dirt repellant so shaking and airing can be sufficient. That said, it is very easy to wash should it be necessary.

To clean sheepskin, lukewarm water and a mild detergent is the best option. Stretch and rub the hide when damp. Let it then dry in a warm room, but never next to or over a radiator. To restore the shine, we recommend brushing with a soft brush.

Wool products are best washed by hand in lukewarm water with a soft rag when needed. Avoid detergents that contain enzymes and alkaline detergents such as soap flakes or resin-based detergents.

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