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Why Jellycats Are the Ultimate Travel Companions for Summer Holidays and City Breaks

Jellycat Ricky The Rain Frog, Jellycat Beach Volleyball

Traveling is one of life's greatest joys. Whether you're planning a sun-soaked summer holiday or a whirlwind city break, there’s one companion you should definitely bring along: your Jellycat plush. These cuddly creatures aren't just toys; they are the perfect travel buddies for every adventure. Here’s why Jellycats make the best travel companions, especially for your summer getaways and city explorations. 

1. Comfort and Familiarity

We all know that feeling of stepping into the unknown, whether it’s a new city or a distant beach. Having your Jellycat plush with you brings a touch of home and comfort. Their soft, plush texture is perfect for hugging, making them great for snuggling up on long flights, bus rides, or when you’re trying to get comfortable in a new hotel room. Whether you’re lounging on a sandy beach or wandering through bustling streets, your Jellycat can make any place feel a bit more like home.

2. Lightweight and Portable

One of the best things about Jellycats is how easy they are to pack. They’re lightweight and fit snugly into your carry-on or backpack, leaving you plenty of room for other travel essentials. Whether you’re packing for a week on the beach or a quick city escape, they’re the perfect travel accessory. No heavy lifting required!

3. Jellycat Charms for Easy Attachment

Traveling with a Jellycat has never been easier, thanks to Jellycat charms. These handy charms can be easily attached to your luggage and bags, ensuring that your cuddly companion is always within reach. Whether you're navigating a busy airport or exploring a new city, your Jellycat can be securely fastened to your belongings, adding a touch of charm and personality to your travel gear.


4. Adorable Photo Props

Summer holidays and city breaks are all about capturing those special moments. Jellycats make the cutest photo props, adding a touch of fun and whimsy to your travel pictures. Imagine your Jellycat lounging by the pool, enjoying an ice cream at a seaside café, or posing in front of iconic landmarks. They add a playful element to your photos, making your travel memories even more special.

5. Conversation Starters

Jellycats are known for their adorable and quirky designs, which often catch the eye of fellow travelers. Bringing a Jellycat along can be a great conversation starter, helping you connect with others on your journey. Whether it’s fellow travelers, locals, or even kids, a Jellycat can spark a conversation and lead to new friendships and shared experiences. This is especially true in popular summer destinations and vibrant cities, where meeting new people is part of the adventure.

6. Emotional Support

Traveling can sometimes be a bit stressful. Having a Jellycat by your side can provide a sense of emotional support. Their soft and cuddly nature makes them perfect for those moments when you need a little comfort or a hug. Whether you’re navigating a crowded city or enjoying a quiet moment by the sea, they’re like a portable piece of home, offering a sense of security no matter where you are.

7. Perfect for All Ages

Jellycats aren’t just for kids; they’re perfect for travellers of all ages. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a family exploring new destinations, a Jellycat can be a delightful companion. Their timeless appeal transcends age, making them a favorite for everyone. From children building sandcastles on the beach to adults exploring art galleries in a bustling city, a Jellycat is a companion that fits every travel style.

8. Unique Souvenir

While you travel, you can collect different Jellycats from various places, making them unique souvenirs from your journey. Each Jellycat can represent a different location or memory, creating a collection that tells the story of your travels. Imagine having a Jellycat that reminds you of your summer holiday in Santorini or your city break in Paris – each one a cherished memento of your travels.


Traveling with a Jellycat plush is like bringing a piece of home with you on your adventures. Their comfort, portability, and charm make them the perfect travel companions, especially for summer holidays and city breaks. Whether you’re seeking a cuddle buddy, a photo prop, or a conversation starter, a Jellycat is a delightful addition to any journey. With the added convenience of Jellycat charms, they’re even easier to bring along. So, next time you pack your bags, don’t forget to include your Jellycat and embark on your travels with a cuddly friend by your side. Happy travels!