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What Is A Jellycat? The Cuddly Collectibles That the World Is Going Crazy For!

What Is A Jellycat? The Cuddly Collectibles That the World Is Going Crazy For!

If you're a fan of cuddly companions, you may have come across the adorable world of Jellycats. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key aspects surrounding Jellycats, answering some of the popular questions people have about these beloved toys. From understanding what Jellycats are to exploring their collectability, vegan status, and safety for babies.

What Are Jellycats?
Jellycats are irresistibly soft and huggable plush toys. Their collection features an array of adorable animals, characters, and creatures, each designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted from high-quality materials. The well renowned brand has captured the hearts of both children and adults around the world, becoming cherished companions for playtime and beyond. 

Jellycat Sun

Who Owns Jellycat? Jellycat is a family-owned British company that was founded in London in 1999. The company has grown exponentially over the years, gaining popularity for its enchanting designs, exceptional quality, and emphasis on safety. Jellycat's commitment to creating delightful and lovable toys has made them a beloved brand worldwide. 

Jellycat Amuseable Strawberry & Slice of Lime

Are Jellycat Toys Collectable? Yes, Jellycat toys are highly collectable! Their extensive range of characters and limited-edition releases make them sought-after items among collectors. From the Jellycat Amuseables, to the Jellycat Bashful Bunnies, Jellycat enthusiasts enjoy building their own unique collections and discovering the latest additions to the Jellycat family.



Jellycat Bashful Bunnies






Are Jellycat Toys Vegan? Jellycat understands the importance of ethical choices and sustainability. While most Jellycat toys are made from soft plush materials that are not specifically labeled as vegan, they are designed without the use of animal fur or by-products. Jellycat is committed to using materials that meet safety standards and provide a cruelty-free experience.

Are Jellycat Toys Safe for Babies? Jellycat toys are designed with safety in mind. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Jellycat products are made from child-safe materials and are tested for any age range. Unless a specific safety recommendation or suitability message is provided with a particular plushie, Jellycat toys are considered safe for all ages, from birth to 100 years old and beyond. 

Can Jellycats be washed?

One of the great things about Jellycat is that many of them can be washed to be keep them clean and fresh. Unless otherwise stated on the sew-in label, Jellycat recommend a surface wash of all our toys with soap and rinsed with cool water. Then for the fur to be dried with a hair dryer with little or no heat. 

Jellycat Amuseable Sports
Explore the enchanting world of Jellycats and discover the perfect plush friend to accompany you on your adventures!