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Spring Jellycats: Unveiling the Cutest Plush Companions for the Season

Spring Jellycats: Unveiling the Cutest Plush Companions for the Season

Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Spring Jellycats – the cuddly companions you never knew you needed! As the days get longer and the flowers start to bloom, it's the perfect time to add a touch of plush magic to your life. From adorable bunnies to fuzzy bees, we're about to explore the cuteness overload that Spring Jellycats bring to the table.

Hopping into Spring with Jellycat Bunnies

As we immerse ourselves in the world of Spring Jellycats, let's shine a spotlight on the enchanting array of bunny companions that bring a burst of colour and charm to this season. We have a lovely selection of Jellycat bunnies in the softest pastel hues, embodying the spirit of spring itself. Some of our favourites for this time of year include the Bashful Moss, Viola and Hot Pink bunnies. 

Jellycat Bashful Bunnies in Cerise and Moss

And that's not all – introducing the Jellycat Blossom Bunny, adorned with ears that showcase a delicate cherry blossom print. This bunny captures the essence of springtime, bringing a breath of fresh air with its floral-inspired design. 

Jellycat Cherry Blossom Bunny

If you’re searching for a fun twist on the Spring bunny theme, then go no further than the Jellycat Dainty Dessert Bunny Macaron and Bunny Cupcake - they’re good enough to eat! These cute and furry food inspired friends will be right at home on your table of Easter treats this year and unlike the season’s confectionery, this delectable duo will bring you sheer joy all year long! 

Jellycat Dainty Dessert Bunny Cupcake and Bunny Macaron

Exploring the Jellycat Garden of Spring Flowers

Get ready to immerse yourself in a garden of cuddles with Jellycat's Spring floral wonders; the Amuseable Daffodil, Daisy, and Tulip Pots. These plush companions capture the essence of the season’s blooming flowers in the most huggable way possible. The Amuseable Daffodil Pot arrives with its sunny disposition, featuring cordy boots and a friendly smile. The Jellycat Amuseable Daisy brings a touch of whimsy with its big, friendly petals and a smiling face. Lastly, the Amuseable Tulip Pot stand tall with vibrant colours and cuddly appeal. Each of these Jellycats is a delightful representation of the beauty and joy that spring flowers bring, ready to blossom in your plush collection.

Among the delightful blooms in the Jellycat Garden of Spring Flowers, there's another friendly face buzzing about – none other than Jellycat Brynlee Bee! Always eager to greet the blossoms, Brynlee Bee is a joyful little character with a heart-shaped face, suedette antennae, and fine mesh wings. Weighted to sit up and with all six legs waving to say hello, this charming bee is eager to join in on the Spring fun.
Brynlee Bee Jellycat
Making a Spring Splash

Now let’s talk about our Springtime quacking and floating friends, swans and ducks. Picture this: spring has sprung, flowers are popping up, and guess who's making a grand entrance? Yep, our feathery pals, bringing a splash of joy and a sprinkle of pond-side vibes. The Jellycat Featherful Swan is a proud parent with a penchant for swimming adventures! This elegant swan, boasting rich vanilla fur and fluffy cream wings, doubles as a protective haven for twin cygnets. With playful orange suedette feet and a matching beak featuring piping detail, Featherful Swan stands out in the crowd. But here's the real charm – the little ones nestled on its snowy back are ready to explore on their own as they are completely detachable. 

Jellycat Featherful Swan

Much like its real-life counterparts born in the refreshing days of spring, Bashful Duckling arrives with shiny eyes and a curious face, infusing your plush collection with a delightful and playful touch. Wrapped in super cosy primrose fur, this cheery hatchling boasts vibrant orange feet and bill, a perky tail, and cuddly wings, making it the essence of all things adorable.

And now, let's hop into the pond connection with another delightful addition – Fergus Frog. In the Jellycat realm, Fergus Frog is a mossy sweetheart coated in soft velour. With a beany base, hooded eyes, and a piped mouth, Fergus may appear a little rumpled and somewhat grumpy, but he's a ponderous guy full of froggy wisdom. Frogs, with their distinctive croaks and playful leaps, are iconic symbols of spring and the lively energy that fills ponds during this season. Jellycat Fergus Frog adds a touch of amphibian charm to the Spring collection, making him a perfect companion for your plush pond adventure.

Jellycat Fergus Frog

Fleecy Friends Making a Spring Debut

Springtime brings a flock of charming characters to the Jellycat collection, and among them are three woolly wonders that are ready to steal your heart.

Jellycat Sheep

First in line is Blowzy Belle Sheep, happily flumped after skipping around the meadow all day. Delightfully scrumbled in creamy fleece, with a caramel face, ears, and stitchy hooves, this larkabout lamb is joyful and gentle. The big sleepy amber eyes of Blowzy Belle Sheep look just about ready to close, making it perfect for cosy snuggles.

Next up is Bibbly Bobbly Sheep, a funky and chunky friend with fluffiness to spare. With weighted haunches in vanilla fleece, a buttercream face, and dainty mocha hooves, this soft sheep is a huggable delight. Bright blue eyes and a neat stitched nose add to its undeniable charm – an irresistible addition to your spring cuddle crew.

Last but certainly not least, meet Jellycat Aimee Sheep, a stunning and glamorous lamb that's the envy of the meadow. Aimee boasts divine fleece, a latte muzzle, pink suedette hooves, and leaf-fold ears. What sets her apart is the stunning pink heart-shaped fleece, making Aimee Sheep shear perfection in the world of plush. Cuddly, funky, and definitely over-the-top, Aimee Sheep is ready to bring a touch of glamour to your springtime collection.

Hatching Wonders of Spring with Jellycat Eggs

Get ready to crack up this spring with Jellycat's egg-stravaganza! These eggs aren't just for breakfast, they’re here to bring a sunny disposition to your plush lineup.

First up, meet the Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg, your ultimate breakfast pal. Start your day in a snuggly way with this scamp featuring fluffy white fur, a yummy yellow yolk, and a super cute smile. Watch out for those cordy feet – this mischievous egg might just crack you up with its good-morning antics!

Next we have the Amuseable Boiled Egg Geek, a study buddy that gives supportive hugs. This cream-and-yellow softy wears embroidered glasses and red suedette trainers. Ready to crack on and get reading, this egg brings an intellectual twist to your plushie line up.

Jellycat Boiled Eggs

Finally, taking their place on  the runway is the Amuseable Chic Boiled Egg, always found in the front row at Fashion Week. This egg is not just poaching the catwalk but stealing hearts with its super-soft fur in cream and yellow, embroidered shades with shiny lenses, and stylish black shoes with grey laces. Fashion-forward and utterly egg-centric!

Jellycat's Spring collection will add a burst of playfulness to your world. From the quack-tastic ducks to the woolly wonders of sheep and the comical charm of eggs, these new Jellycat friends promise a season filled with smiles!

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