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Introducing the Jellycat Christmas class of 2022

Jellycat Christmas Star

This year's Jellycat Christmas range is here, at toot garook and we couldn’t be more excited! Christmas is our favourite time of year and it’s made even better by our fun and festive friends from Jellycat. If you’re looking for something cute, cuddly and Christmassy to add to your home this winter, then read on to see some of our favourite picks from this well loved brand. 

Christmas Classics

It’s only right that we start with the classics and would it be Christmas without the beloved Christmas tree? The Jellycat Amuseable Blue Spruce topped with a beige-gold star is a showstopper that will put a smile on everyone's face! We have this Jellycat Christmas tree available to buy in different sizes online or in our Exeter shop. 

Jellycat Christmas Tree

Shop the Jellycat Amuseable Blue Spruce

 We do love the pretty sparkle of a star at the top of the Christmas tree but one star who’d like to come down and say hello is the Jellycat Amuseable Star. Coming in shimmering gold with matching shiny boots, this star is equal parts dazzling and cute! 

Jellycat Amuseable Star

To decorate your walls or doors with a touch of Christmas fun, we have the lovely Jellycat Amuseable Berry Wreath and Gold Wreath. These wreaths are much softer than their real foliage counterparts and their longevity is an advantage too! A Jellycat Christmas wreath will bring joy to your home year after year.

Jellycat Christmas Wreaths

Other festive evergreens in the collection include the Jellycat Amuseable Holly and Amuseable Mistletoe, if there’s hopes of a Christmas kiss. 

When we think of Christmas, we often think of snow. Although we don’t get many opportunities to build a snowman in the UK, there’s nothing to stop us from having one in our home thanks to the Jellycat Christmas range. Choose from Maddy, Teddy or the mini Festive Folly Snowman.

Jellycat Snowman Maddy

If we don’t get any snow this year, there’s some other wintery friends to join the fun inside too, including the soft and cuddly Jellycat Amuseable Snowflake and the naughty Jellycat Amuseable Snowball. 

Jellycat Christmas Food

For some, the best part about Christmas is the delicious Christmas food and as always Jellycat have pulled out all the stops with their fun, non edible versions of your favourite festive treats. First, let us introduce you to Jolly Gingerbread Fred who is absolutely scrumptious and is available in three different sizes. There is also the Festive Folly miniature version of Fred which would make an adorable gift. 

Jellycat Jolly Gingerbread Fred

Now for the one that divides the dinner table every year! Love them or loathe them on your Christmas dinner plate, it’s hard to resist a sprout as adorable as the Jellycat Brussels Sprout. 

Jellycat Amuseable Sprout

If sprouts make you want to skip straight to dessert then why not treat yourself to the Jellycat Christmas pudding? There’s also the Amuseable Yule Log, Slice of Christmas Cake and Mince Pie to choose from too! 

Jellycat Christmas Pudding

Jellycat Celebration Crustacean 

Crustaceans may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Christmas but this crew of, party hat wearing, crab, lobster and shrimp will certainly get you into the festive spirit. They’d love to get in amongst all the Christmas party fun, just don’t get them mixed up with the appetisers and dip them in the marie rose sauce! 

Jellycat Shrimp Celebration Crustacean

With so many amazing members of the Jellycat Christmas range, it’s impossible for us to mention each one here but all the Christmas Jellycat soft toys will make truly wonderful gifts for children and adults alike! These collectable plushies sell out incredibly quickly every year, so click below to get yours now. 

Shop the Jellycat Christmas Collection