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4 Easy ways to refresh your home for Spring

4 easy ways to refresh your home for Spring

Spring home touches

As the days get longer and our homes feel a little brighter, you might feel an urge to refresh your home, ready to embrace the Spring! Without the upheaval and extra cost of a full room makeover, there are some quick and easy ways to update your home that will still have a big impact. Read on to find out how you can transform your space this Spring without breaking the bank. 


1. Spring Clean

This first step may not come as a huge surprise but if you are anything like us, it is possibly the least appealing part! As daunting a task as the big Spring clean might be, there’s no better feeling than when your home is in tip top shape. 

Spring is the perfect time for a good clear out and it makes sense to declutter your space before delving into the cleaning. So why not:

  • Resell that kitchen gadget you only used once, five years ago? 
  • Clear out your kitchen cupboards and the miscellaneous drawer (yes, we all have that one drawer). 
  • Bag up the unloved clothes sitting at the back of your wardrobe and take them to your local charity shop for someone else to make use of.

  • Once your space is tidy and organised, you can dive into the dusting and deep cleaning. A Spring clean can be a big task, so it's okay to break it down into smaller steps over several days or weeks. The goal is to create a fresh and clean living space that will help you feel energised and ready for the new season.

    Spring cleaning


     2. Home Fragrance

    Now the house looks clean, why not give it an extra boost of Spring freshness with a new home scent. Using reed diffusers, scented candles and room sprays will keep every area of your home smelling beautiful and here at toot garook we have a great range that are perfect for Springtime. 

    Reed diffusers are a good low maintenance way to ensure long lasting fragrance in any part of your home. Changing how many reeds you use will also adjust the intensity, so you can get the right amount of fragrance for you. 

    The Inis Energy of the Sea fragrance diffuser promises a scent “as uplifting as a sunny day by the sea”, exactly what we crave at this time of year. 

    Citrus aromas also work well to revitalise us in Spring and for citrusy notes, the Neroli and Lemon Verbena diffuser from Priddy Essentials ticks the boxes. 

    As a citrus complement to the diffuser, the Grapefruit & Nectarine tinned candle from Bomb Cosmetics will work wonderfully. Fragranced using essential oils, the rich scent will set the tone for your space, along with the ambient candlelight. 

    Room sprays are another simple and effective way of revitalising your space for Spring. A quick spritz of room spray can instantly refresh a room and they are a great way to neutralise unwanted cooking or pet odours too. Priddy Essentials have created a line of “Anywhere Spray’, a multi-use fragranced spray that is safe to use in the home and on yourself! Their Lavender Walk Anywhere Spray, both calming and fresh feeling, is an ideal choice for Springtime. 

    Priddy Essentials Room Spray and Diffuser


     3. Switch up your soft furnishings

    Put away those heavy blankets and throws and swap them out for lighter fabrics like linen or cotton. This will create a more breezy and relaxed feel in your home. The Zeff Mona Linen cushions are lightweight and come in invigorating shades of Ochre and Thyme to brighten up your space for Spring. The Tana stonewashed cotton throws are also a great Spring replacement for any thick velvet or faux fur pieces on sofas and beds. 

    Tana Stonewashed Throws

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     Trade in your heavy, dark curtains for sheer or lightweight fabrics in bright and cheerful colours. This will let in more natural light and promote a sense of spaciousness and breathability in your home. Les Touristes offer a range of cotton voile curtains in various bright and cheerful prints that will put the ‘Spring’ in your step. Opt for the sunny tones of Heron Gold or the uplifting tropical feel of the Fern Sage Green.

    Les Touristes Curtains

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     4. Update your home accessories

    Incorporate pastel colours like mint green, lavender, and baby blue into your decor through accent pieces like vases, ornaments or candles. We have a great range of pillar and dinner candles from Grand Illusions that will inject pops of colour into your space. 

    Grand Illusions Candles

    In Spring you may feel pulled to bring more of the outside in and be at one with nature, so you could incorporate animals that are synonymous with Spring into your decor. As Paul Brown notes here, ‘Mad March’ Hares are a sure sign that Spring has arrived in Britain and at toot garook we have some adorable Hare ornaments like this playful Hare Pot Hanger or this charming Golden Hare sculpture.  

    Hare Ornaments

    In the kitchen and dining room, swap out your heavy dinnerware for lighter, Spring-inspired pieces. Consider adding a colourful tablecloth or runner and some fresh flowers as a centrepiece. You could also bring in colourful ceramics and glassware, like this Aquamarine recycled bubble glass jug, wine glass and tumbler

    Recycled Glass Jug and Glasses

    Remember, the key to interior styling for Spring is to create a feeling of brightness, openness and renewal in your living space. Have fun with it and let your creativity shine!