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Velvet Oversized Dressing Gown, Fern Orange

Words cannot describe how beautiful and luxurious this dressing gown is. Made of 100% cotton velvet with 2 large pockets, this cosy dressing gown is cotton lined in a contrasting purple peacock feather print. It really is so beautiful that you might even be tempted to wear it outside of the home!

Approximate length 48 inches. One Size.

Since 2006 Les Touristes have created a unique textile line with a penchant for colour, cheerful prints, and vintage and offbeat patterns - collections based around a global concept that blends fashion with decoration to brighten everyday life both at home and on the road.

Les Touristes regularly hang their hats in India where their fabrics are hand-printed, working in close collaboration with a family workshop based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, who use traditional screen printing methods. 

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