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Airforce Roka Sustainable Canvas Medium Wallet

Carnaby Sustainable Wallet

Made from a thicker canvas material, this Roka wallet pairs perfectly with any Roka Sustainable bag! Manufactured with less water, less energy, and fewer emissions, this little Roka accessory is made using recycled plastic bottles!

This medium Carnaby is the perfect size to not just be your wallet but it can also carry your extras, like your phone etc, so it is just right for all occasions and needs!  Designed to take anywhere with three pockets and card holders it’s sure to be your new go-to accessory!

  • Each Medium wallet is 18cm x 11.5cm x 5cm .

Less plastic. Less energy. Roka Sustainable. 

The Carnaby is the perfect addition to any Roka bag and any outing. Store your valuables in the trendiest way possible, with this perfect little wallet. 

Designed to keep your cash, cards, and valuables organized this wallet has three sections and all are tucked away under one main, secure zipVersatile, durableand made from a thicker, canvas-like material, this little bag matches any need, from travel to daily use, you'll be able to store everything you need quick access to inside!


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